Sunday, December 11, 2011

BAGS......... OH BAGS!

I really want another Balenciaga, this time round I want a giant silver city!

my current city is extremely "haggard" looking already. wanted to send it for servicing at Color Wash but the service staff told me there's nothing they can do to it except for color transfer. well no way I would wanna change my bag's color? I'll feel that it's not original anymore! besides it will cost me $350. I've been contemplating which other brand should I get, wanted Celine but realized it's not that nice after dumping stuff in it, too shapeless! and the service staff at Color Wash told me that many people sent Celine handbags for servicing due to moulding!!!! omg right? YES. MOULDING. I was thinking of Prada too, but suddenly I realised I don't like Prada that much afterall. then, it was Chloe paraty? but again I decided not to. after thinking through and through, I decided another Balenciaga might be the best choice? I really do love Balenciaga too much. so wouldn't it be better to get something that I really love! why should I be bothered that I own one already? if I've the $$$, I don't mind owning another 10.

so anyway, I'm thinking of getting a brighter color this time round! but not a color that gets dirty too easily. kinda contradicting right? I'm always like that hahahahaha! one of my friends told me that for the coming season Balenciaga will no longer carry giant hardware? true not ah? I know they've this new design of small silver/gold hardware (so unpretty!), but can't be that they're planning to stop retailing giant hardware? don't please.

rose gold can be quite pretty too!!!! though I'm more of a silver fan, but this combination is too classy to not like it! papyrus is a very nice color no?

Balenciaga tote bag

Balenciaga handbag

giant work! very pretty hue right?! work is SO big though. but again I don't mind the size but it does looks a bit stiff. but I love love love BIG bags, it might get seasoned after awhile?

I need a new wallet too. I wanted Prada actually but I slowly realised Prada wallets are everywhere. so I decided! Either Givenchy or YSL? Or maybe another Marc by Marc Jacobs (cheap and nice!). I'm very fickle fyi, so my decision might just change the next second! okay I need the toilet very badly now. so bye bye! I'm fucking say btw, cos I haven't poo poo for 3 days..................


so the title reads it all.. its a special day for the 2 person I love most in the whole entire universe! 24 years ago, my parents shared a very special night together! :*)

awesomely sweet right? awwwwwww. I just hope Dad pms a little lesser. yeah you heard me right.. Dad, not Mom. my Mom is naturally loud, she's the gungho kind but she got a really mild temper! unlike Dad and I, we get irritated too easily.

and this is me saying helloooooooooooooooo!

anyway Dad got me this awesome $199 coffee machine! I picked the platinum color. the coffee capsules cost approx $11 per box. 5 flavors to choose from - espresso, mocha, latte macchiato, cappucino and iced cappucino! I tried the latte and wow it was gooooooooood! tasted just like those in cafes. so happy I can enjoy quality coffee even when I'm home now! thanks Dad! :)

okay I'm gonna get to sleep now? cos I can't wait to wake up the next morning to enjoy my coffee!!!!!! good night x

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dinner @ HV Fosters

forgotten my camera, so please make do with iPhone quality photos. honestly the latter are really incomparable to my dear Canon baby. I really dislike how these photos turned out, even after my editing. I promise myself to be like before and bring my camera out more often!

finally we managed to sort out everyone's schedule and meet up for our dear Xavier's belated birthday dinner!

lovely christmas ambience!!!!

super thick and creamy mushroom soup

right Xav yeye forever looking stern, and yeye-ish hahahahaha

and here's Jayden always with his big wide smile!

VERY yummy tenderloin steak!!!! I super love this

Jayden's asparagus and mushroom squid ink spaghetti! the mushroom is sooooo juicy

I LOVE THIS MORE. their creme brulee is omg tantalizing!!!!!! I swear I'm not exaggerating

Jayden is on morning shift at work the next day, so he headed home after dinner. the rest of us went over to Wala Wala for some light drinks. I can't believe my brain failed me so much after a drinking hiatus of say a month or so? I actually order blanc?! I NEVER drink that. NEVER. for a moment, I just remembered Kronnerburg 1664 lager as blanc. wtf is wrong with my pea brain man! so I made it up with another pint of lager.

it was a cosy and chilly night! love these people to bits! cheers to 1 year of our friendship :*)

I'll end off this post yet again with my picture hahahahahaha